Mark didn’t set out to be a filmmaker, but a passionate traveller who just happened to carry a camera. To celebrate his love for new worlds and life experiences, he began creating personal film projects that helped develop a style of moviemaking that is characterised by a plainspoken perspective with great idiosyncratic talent for contemporary storytelling.

Mark’s pictures recall worlds of unencumbered simplicity and unhindered living, a sterling portrayal of all that is true and pure with personal voyages to foreign lands. There is no exclusivity to Marks creative ability, his cardinal understanding of travel and filmmaking are bred from first-person practical knowledge, the development of his distinct style polished during his time abroad. This love naturally became a profession, where his is now specialising in adventure travel filmmaking as well as action sports, music and lifestyle. Mark is, in his purest state, a traveler with a filmmaker’s eye.

In the past years Mark has developed a career in the actions sports industry and has nurtured a reputation in sport, travel and lifestyle documentation. Red Bull Signage Series, X-games, ASP and the TTR Snowboarding tour are among some of his elite client list, which he maintains with strong work morals and an incredible eye for angles. In 2013 he directed, shot and edited his debut feature length surf / travel Documentary called The Salt Trail, which has been awarded 7 times in 15 international film festivals.
Early 2014 he set off around the world to direct the award winning travel show, Peeta Planet, a 12 part travel series for broadcast shot on location in India, Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Jordan, Spain, Greece, Italy and Jakarta.

His main objective has always been to prove that living in the moment is success in itself. The way forward will always simply be about exploring our precious given seconds and capturing events in their natural progressive state.

Specialties: Film/video Directing, Cinematography, DP, Editing, Grading, Photography