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My name is Mark Waters. A Film maker, specialising in cinematography and creative story telling.

My life has been composed with a lifestyle of  defined as living with purity and bliss. Its living your life exactly as you wish, while compromising with the ones you love . This has led me to doing what I love doing most… travelling the world and shooting digital film. I have been drifting around this amazing planet for the past 6 years, with currents pulling me to 6 continents, over 25 countries and just about every corner of the world. I am currently settled in the UK and have been since early 2009, where I have been pursuing my professional career as a film maker

Cameras have taught me how to truly see the world. It has opened up my minds eye, to see both beauty and brutality in everything. This piece of equipment has become my tool for expressing how I feel about certain subjects and life in general, as well as becoming my means of making money in this monetary driven system.

I have been described as a new school independent self shooter with a unique, creative way of show casing stories and visuals.  I am completely consumed by my love  for story telling through cinematography! Over the years, I have mainly been shooting on digital broadcast camera withs 35mm adapters andDSLR’s. The canon 5d mkii has become my personal camera of choice due to its cost and the breath taking visuals it can produce (When used correctly)

I have worked as a creative director, cinematographer and editor on documentaries, promos, corporates, Music promos, pod casts, awareness videos, environmental campaigns, live events, personal shorts and fashion films. Im possibly the most passionate cinematographer you will ever meet.

Inspiration: Life revolves around experiences. Some bad, some good and some amazing. These amazing experiences are what we are constantly striving for. They are then turned into memories, that we can learn from which will help shape us further into our own unique character. My ability to present my own experience to friends family and strangers with digital film and photo’s as my medium, is what drives me. To find out that I have inspired somebody with my art… my reward!

Biography: Mark Waters was born in england on the 12 February 1985. Moved to south africa at an early age with the ocean being his back garden, an enduring passion for surfing begun. At the age of 15, his parents bought him a video camera to capture his youth spent in the ocean, which instantly created a film making hobby. When he was 19 he left the shores of Cape Town to travel the world and seek a more creative path to begin shaping himself into the person he is today. He has travelled to over 25 countries, 6 continents and just about every corner of the world, experiencing many different cultures and lifestyles. With his camera in his hand he shot and documented all that he experienced! This camera hobby, developed into a passion. He started creating short inspirational films that he directed, shot and edited from start to finish with no profit in mind. His sole reason for doing this was for his own enjoyment and his hope to inspire people to get out into the world and experience this amazing lifestyle. This opened up his creative portal where he was filled with inspiration to master the art of film making. He never attended university or film school but he refers to the world, as his class and his experiences to be his text books. This has created his own style and approach to composing visuals and stories. Once he felt like he had acquired sufficient skills, he started his own freelance company called justlivinfilm where he created a number of short films and online adverts. This funded his lifestyle of exploring the world and furthering his knowledge of life, light, true beauty and everything he feels is needed to create the visuals that inspired him most.Mark has worked as a Director of photography, creative director and editor on many projects such as short films, documentaries, promos, corporates, music promos and much more.

All rates are negotiable depending on budget, size of project and what kit is needed. Please Feel free to contact me for and enquiry at markwatersfilm@gmail.com

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