Mark Waters is a Director, Cinematographer and Editor experienced in a variety of fields including travel documentary, action sport, wildlife documentary, charity projects, music video and documentation, commercials and narrative filmmaking.

The early years of his career, were spent developing his skills in the extreme sports industry. Many clients such as Red Bull, gave him the opportunity to frame the lives of the most extreme athletes on the planet. Over the past decade, Mark has travelled to around 50 countries working on numerous documentaries, passionately sharing voices from all walks of life.

In 2015, Mark independently completed his first feature film, “The Salt Trail” – A philosophical, portrayal, of those who fearlessly choose to travel outside the comforts of modern society. The Salt Trail was awarded for best film, best cinematography and viewers choice at many of the international surf film festival for the following two years.

His most recent project, “Chasing the Present”, has taken an unconventional approach. A spontaneous idea arose, that sent him and some filmmakers on a 6 month trip to see if another film could develop organically. Six months turned into three years, and Chasing the Present evolved into a deeply immersive feature film, exploring the mystery of consciousness and the present moment. This film has taken a unique direction, pushing the boundaries of the documentary form, whilst framing an extremely important message.