Ericeira Travel

Ericeira Travel

03 Jul Ericeira Travel

This is a short film created in the love and support of this beautiful surfing/fishing town in Portugal called Ericeira. Situated 30 min north of Lisbon airport you can find big smiles, plenty of waves, the beautiful blue ocean and some of the most accommodating people I have come across yet. I was asked to promote Ericeira by the owners of Seasound guesthouse.

As the idea of advertising and commercialism does not settle to well with me, I decided to create more of an artistic film to show just how beautiful and cultural this little town is. Although it does accommodate a lively nightlife, I felt that showing that side would take away from the pureness of This Ericeira FIlm. Every where we go on the planet we can find clubs and parties but not everywhere has the vibe that comes deep within the heart of the culture, so this is what I decided to bring to the eyes of you.

I have created another separate film for Seasound guesthouse which promotes more of a lively fun atmosphere.

Ed Sheeran was kind enough to let me use the track The A Team (KOAN Sound REMIX) which brought so much atmosphere and feel to the visuals.

Thanks again ED

I was not prompted on what to create, I was simply told to shoot and document the things that I loved the most about Ericeira.

Equipment used:

Canon 5dmkii

Panasonic HVX200 (Only for surf stuff)

E-image tripod

Glidetrack Hybrid

I Brought along my Canon 5d mkii for all the lifestlye and landscape stuff and my Panasonic HVX 200 just for the surfing stuff. You can notice the difference in quality but it does the trick.

With kit becoming so much more portable for independent film makers its truly becoming an absolute pleasure.There was not to much grading done to this phentermine-med footage and the light leaks used were from Lucas lights leeks

This was a excellent opportunity to test out some of my new equipment including the Glidetrack Hybrid. Such an amazing piece of equipment, a piece I feel I could never leave behind ever again. I lugged this thing around everywhere. Although it added a few extra kilos on to my body, it was completely worth it. Having a portable slider is an essential tool now and the amount of creativity and movement even a meter of track can bring, has made my projects that much more cinematic. The vertical sliding option is priceless, to get those subtle movements up and down adds a feel that not many other tools can bring, when you are a one man crew trying to bring as much creativity as possible to each project. The only problems I have found with this piece of kit is that the rubber balls on the feet tend to twist off every now and then and I have actually lost 2 of them, so I will need to speak to Glidetrack to see if I can get some more. Also you need to keep the slider as clean as possible because even the slightest bit of dirt can cause a bit of a bumpy slide which can be annoying when you are shooting unplanned moments that just pass by if you don’t get the shot you want in time… not to sure how that would be improved though??

Other than that I don’t have a bad word to say about the piece of kit. I brings me loads of attention and anybody who asks about it, usually wants to buy one when im done talking with them so only positive comments about this product from me.

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