Peeta Planet




The award-winning hit travel series on Dubai One TV. Currently, broadcasting to 50 million households across the Middle East.

PeetaPlanet™ is a travel series about two brothers from the United Arab Emirates who go on a worldwide, social media influenced, journey of cultural interaction. We call it #SocialTravel


Peeta Planet was by far he most challenging project I have ever done in my career. Reason being, is that I got the offer to direct the project one week before flying to the first destination to start shooting this 12 episode broadcast series. I got the call while on s snowboarding trip in Austria but decided to take a leap.

I had to pack my bags, fly home, pack some more bags and set off on a four months adventure that took us to India, Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Jordan, Spain, Greece, Italy and Jakarta, where we spent up to 6 days in each city shooting 24 minute shows. At the time I had a brief idea of what the show was but no idea what we were actually setting out to do, so as you can imagine, it was quite challenging as a director.

There was no time to plan ahead, as everyday was a new location, new quest and new subject so it was all about allowing the story to happen naturally. Im no stranger to working like this but doing it every day for 3 months was crazy. Constantly on your feet thinking up new ideas and ways to connect everything together.

Although being a serious challenge, I was lucky enough to work with the most amazing crew. Every day there was a moment where one of us just lost out shit saying, “Cant believe this is my job”. After three months we built up endless hours of footage, flew into bangkok and started the edit. Myself and Mike Beech cut all 12 shows in 3 weeks… Yes, 12 x 24 minute shows in three weeks.

We got through it in the end and I look back at it as one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


Name: Peeta Planet

Position: Director

Genre: Social Travel Series. 12 x 26 minute shows for Broadcast

Network: Dubai One – Part of Dubai Media Incorporated

Awards: Outstanding Social Media Project – Broadcast Pro Middle East Awards

Cameras: Canon 5d mkiii, Sony fs700, gopro,

Date: 2014


Peeta Planet discusses social consciousness through adventure travel and hopes to address some key messages:

  • Connect people across the world.
  • Showcase the beautiful diversity of our planet.
  • Explore the road less travelled.
  •  Encourage a sense of social consciousness.
  •  Showcase everyday unknown community heroes and their inspiring stories.
  •  Raise awareness for the UAE’s achievements through its people and leadership.

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