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Mark Adam Waters, has directed and photographed numerous films around the globe. His love for the planet and personal interests in philosophy and psychology have inspired the direction of his career. Having had the privilege of documenting a diverse range of people across all continents has broadened his perspective, which has driven him both personally and professionally to explore the potential of the human experience.


Growing up as a surfer, the early years of his career were naturally spent developing his skills in the extreme sports industry where he had the opportunity to frame the lives of the most extreme athletes on the planet. Having shot The Redbull Signature series, X-games, O’neill evolution, and The O’neil, Cold water classic set him up to produce his own films. His first independent feature film, The Salt Trail was awarded for best film, best cinematography, and viewers’ choice at many of the international surf film festivals for the following three years. The next few years were spent Directing and shooting numerous travel-based shows, short films, branded films, and commercials.


Recent credits include his independent film Tictoc. An honest portrayal of a teenage boy suffering from Tourettes Syndrome. The intention for this was to allow Felix to be open and honest about the reality of Tourettes. The film was longlisted for a BAFTA, and selected to compete at some of the most prestigious doc festivals in the world including Sheffield Doc Fest, IDFA, Lunenburg, and many others. The film will be released in late 2021.


Other recent credits include the Multi-award-winning film, Chasing the Present, featuring Russell Brand, Graham Hancock, and many other incredible thinkers, enlightened masters, and Shamans. Chasing the Present evolved into a deeply immersive feature film, exploring the root cause of suffering, the mystery of consciousness, and the nature of the self. It was picked up and distributed by 1091 media in September 2020. It stayed at #1 in the UK and Australia and #2 in the USA  on the apple TV charts for some time.


Waters is currently based in Leeds, England where he continues to work as both a Director and Director of Photography.