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I grew up on the Southern tip of Africa, surrounded by mountains and wild coastlines. Cape Town is my home, (now based in the UK) the place where I learned to ride waves, met the most incredible circle of friends, and discovered the Ocean, which has been my most valuable teacher.


The ocean taught me how to deal with fear, how to navigate a world that is continuously changing, and the importance of accepting any given situation that is out of my control. These three lessons set me up for life, where I have found myself living in a way that celebrates the mystery of existence. Over the past 15 years, I have travelled the world, immersing myself in different cultures, environments, and traditions. I have been privileged to meet so many incredible people, each with their own story and way of living. I have spent time with enlightened masters, shamans, tribesmen, extreme sports athletes, artists, environmentalists, activists and some of the most respected thinkers of our time.


Although all these people come from different traditions they all seem to share a similar zest for life, a connection to something bigger than themselves and respect the world. These qualities have helped shape me as a person, which I strive to reflect in my work.


In and amongst all of this I have taught myself how to make films from concept to distribution. I produce, direct, shoot, edit and grade. I have made two independent feature films, several short films, a number of TV shows, music videos etc. I have been fortunate enough to have my films screen and awarded at some of the biggest festivals in the world such as IDFA. My latest short TICTOC is one of the ten films long-listed for a BAFTA with the awards being announced in April 2021. My latest feature film, Chasing the Present was picked up and distributed by 1091 media in September 2020. It stayed at #1 in the UK and Australia and #2 in the USA  on the apple TV charts for some time.


I believe that films can be used as an incredible tool for escaping the dramas in our own lives but I am personally interested in films that bring us closer to reality, remove ignorance and educate. If I can make a film whereby people leave the cinema talking about the world as well as their position and responsibility within it, then I have done my job. My work is strongly influenced by my interests in philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.


Until recently most of my work has been focused around documentary but I am currently making my transition into scripted narrative..